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Inpatient Satisfaction Survey


Please help us improve our services by completing this survey.

Instructions: Choose the answer that best describes your experience at Baton Rouge Rehab Hospital. If a question does not apply to you, please skip that question. Your honest response will help us improve the care for our patients. There is space provided after each section for you to comment on good or bad things that may have happened to you.


Nursing Care
1. During your stay at BRRH, were your questions answered?:
2. Was your pain controlled? :
3. Were you informed about new medications? :
4. Were you satisfied with the time frame in which your call light was answered? :
5. When you needed help getting to the bathroom or bedside commode, did the staff respond quickly? :
6. Were you treated with courtesy and respect during your stay? :
Comments (describe good or bad experience):
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