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3/7/14 WBRZ 2 Make a Difference Story - How ZeroG Changed Amputee Patient's Life

3/6/14 WBRZ 2 Make a Difference News Article - How ZeroG Changed Amputee Patient's Life

BATON ROUGE - An anti-gravity machine revolutionizes rehab for amputee's at Baton Rouge Rehab Hospital. Jeremiah Foster was born with underdeveloped arms and legs. As he grew, his legs had trouble supporting him. Then he found out he had arthritis in his legs.

At age 13, Jeremiah decided to have his legs amputated so he could walk again. He struggled with rehab for years.

Now at 18, Jeremiah can walk with confidence, on his new legs. He says it happened after getting to use the Zero G machine. It's the only one in Louisiana, and one of 35 in the country.

"I've only been three feet tall my whole life so this since September is really a jump for me so not only that the height but also I don't have any arms to catch me if I fall so there's nothing really to protect me or anything like that I just hit the ground so with the harness that really helps out a lot," said Foster.

Foster says the machine takes away the fear, allowing him to strengthen his legs, and learn to walk. "I don't have to worry about it anymore. I can go places, if someone wants me to go with them grocery shopping, or shopping for clothes, or anything, I can wear jeans now, I couldn't before," Foster explained.

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