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Frequently Asked Questions

What accreditations does Baton Rouge Rehab Hospital have?

BRRH is the only free standing Rehab Hospital in Baton Rouge that is accredited by The Joint Commission on Accreditation for Healthcare Organizations. The Joint Commission evaluates & accredits healthcare providers across the United States with a focus on continuously improving the safety & quality of healthcare. (Accredited, May 2011).

Does your Rehab Hospital offer a variety of therapeutic resources to reach my full recovery?

YES, BRRH offers cutting edge technology with a neurological focus. We are the only Rehab Hospital in the area that has the Auto Ambulator, Ergys II Bike, and Bioness to assist patients to reach their highest level of independence in an Inpatient or Outpatient setting.

Does your Hospital have experienced Staff that specializes in Rehabilitation?

YES, our staff consists of Physical Medicine and Rehab Physicians, Internal Medicine Physicians, Nurses, Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapists, Case Managers, Dietitians, Rehab Counselor. Our experienced and specialized staff dedicates their skills & knowledge to one primary goal; improving each patient's functional abilities through intensive, individualized medical and therapeutic services.

Does your Hospital have specialized Rehab programs?

YES, BRRH team helps restores patients to their highest level of functioning through early intervention following injury or surgery. Programs include Amputee/Vascular, Brian Injuries/Multi Trauma, Neurological Disorders, Orthopedic (Joint replacements/Hip facture), Stroke, and Spinal Cord Injury.

Does your Rehab Hospital provide education and training to help the patient and caregiver transition to the home setting?

YES, BRRH will provide on going education and training to the patient and caregiver during their Rehab stay to set goals and discuss progress. Your rehab program may also include a home assessment or community re-entry to assess safety and real-life situations.

What resources does your Rehab Hospital provide in dealing with disabilities?

BRRH hosts monthly support groups to the community for patients and caregivers dealing with Amputations, Brian injuries and Strokes. Each group offers guidance and emotional support from the Rehab Counselor, BRRH staff and fellow peers.

Does your Rehab Hospital have private rooms?

YES, BRRH has all private, spacious rooms with adaptive bathrooms.

Does your Rehab Hospital provide Outpatient services?

YES, BRRH provides comprehensive Outpatient services as part of our continuum of care. Our experienced team of Therapists is trained in variety Neurological & Orthopedic specialties. Some of the specialty services are Vital Stim/Experia for swallowing issues and Drivable (screening for drving).

Does your Rehab Hospital have a Day Program?

YES, our Day Neuro/Vascular Program is a community re-entry program designed to facilitate the patient in maximizing their independence. The patient will receive a comprehensive evaluation to determine services needed. Patients participate in a minimum of three hours of therapy per day.

Does your Rehab Hospital have Aquatic Therapy?

YES, our heated therapy pool is used to treat persons with Arthritis, Post-Surgery, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, CVA, Spinal Cord Injury and more. The pool is 30 x30, 4 feet deep and kept at 92 degrees. We are the "hottest" pool in town.

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