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Dry Needling

Baton Rouge Rehab Hospital and our specially trained physical therapists are proud to offer the Dry Needling (DN) technique. This effective therapy treats muscular tension and spasms which commonly accompany conditions such as arthritis, nerve irritation, muscular strain, ligament strains and herniated discs. It is called Dry Needling because there is no solution that is injected, the needle itself and the effects it produces within the tissue is the treatment.

Usually a healthy muscle feels very little discomfort upon insertion of the needle; however, if the muscle is sensitive and shortened or contains active trigger points, the person may feel a sensation much like a muscle cramp, often referred to as a ‘twitch response.”

Many people experience dramatic pain relief and improved function in just a few treatments, often with lasting results.

Dry Needling is offered as part of a physical therapy treatment plan and requires a physician’s order. To learn more about dry needling or to schedule an appointment, please call us at (225) 231-3107.

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