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FROG (“Fully Rely on God”) is Elizabeth C’s life’s motto. (July 2020)

Elizabeth is in our Aquatics Maintenance class after completing PT last summer.  “I look forward to getting in the warm water. It helps me physically, mentally and spiritually. Especially since I’m unable to get down in a tub due to my amputation. I use a regular prosthetic leg in the water, it just doesn’t have the cosmetic look. I usually use the stairs to get in the pool but it’s nice to have the option of the chair with a lift if my knees are hurting on the days that I come for the Maintenance class”.

Elizabeth was at Baton Rouge Rehab as an Inpatient & then Outpatient in 2018 after falling at church & breaking her tibia on the same side as her amputation. Then again in 2019 after her abdominal surgery for cancer.  Click below for Elizabeth's full story!

Elizabeth C. Story of Success (July 2020)


Retired Marine Corps Veteran, Mr. William “Bill” Flynn (July 2020)

Retired Marine Corps Veteran, Mr. William “Bill” Flynn’s life was forever changed on November 17, 2019.  Mr. Bill served in the Vietnam War from 1959 to 1962. He was in the elite jump school and swim school during his time of service.  79 years young, Mr. Bill is married with 17 grandchildren and 23 great grandchildren & lives in Baton Rouge. He has spent his retirement years working on his farm, spending time with his family and working out at the gym. On November 17th, after finishing a 6-mile ride on the exercise bike, Mr. Bill moved over to work out on the inversion table, which collapsed on top of him. He sustained a C-spine injury which required surgery. After his surgery, he was only able to move his lips. He was transferred to a rehab center out of area, where he experienced more complications.  Click below to read the full story!

Retired Marine Corps Veteran, Mr. William “Bill” Flynn (7/3/20)


Devin P story of overcoming obstacles (June 2020)

If you ask Devin P a little over a year ago would his day-to-day routine be learning how to walk again, his answer would be “No Way”.   Devin, 22 yrs old was getting ready to start a new job within a few weeks but life turned out very differently on April 7, 2019.  Click the link below to read the full story!

Devin P. Inspiring Personal Story of Overcoming Obstacles



Pain Management Awareness Week

Mr. Anthony B. is a 64-year-old gentleman who retired from Shell Oil 12 years ago as a Safety Manager. He has had issues with neck pain since his high school days playing football. Seven years ago, he had three fusions performed on his neck with not much success. Two years later, Mr. Anthony had to have the surgery repeated with an additional two more levels to be fused. Unfortunately, five years ago, Mr. Anthony re-injured his neck in a car accident. His surgeon advised against surgery because it could possibly leave him paralyzed. He was referred to a pain management physician.

When it was time for Mr. Anthony to have a pain management procedure, his physician chose Baton Rouge Rehab Hospital. Mr. Anthony stated "When I walked in the door, I knew I was at the right place. I was greeted by friendly staff who made me feel like a family member. They didn't treat me like just another patient, I felt like I was one of their own. They were concerned with how I was doing that day, and how to make me comfortable and address my pain levels until the procedure with the physician. They helped me during the whole process from preop to postop. Their communication skills with me and my family was like second to none!"

"Baton Rouge Rehab is a wonderful facility. If you ask me who my favorite is out of the staff, I say all of them. I think of the staff as my family."

Mr. Anthony is now able to return to his volunteer work in the community as a Baptist preacher. He leads Bible study at a men's prison in Plaquemine and a nursing home in Gonzales. "God has blessed me so I want to give back to Him."

Mr. Anthony's mother-in-law was having pain issues and has also had a pain procedure at Baton Rouge Rehab. He said she had to admit that he was right... wonderful people to help you manage your pain.

For more information on our Interventional Pain Management services, please contact Trina Landry at 225-231-3122 or email Trina.Landry


 Inpatient Satisfaction Survey Comments: 


"Thanks for the excellent care which started as soon as we arrived at your facility.  Everyone was exceptional starting from the van driver and all staff in between!  Your facility has renewed our faith in the healthcare system and has given us hope.  Word of mouth is everything and we will highly recommend your facility and staff to everyone we meet.  Thanks for putting up with us and on behalf of Mr. Calvin Craig and the entire family - We love you all!!  You have worked a miracle!!"  - K. Craig & Entrie Family (September 2015) 

"Thanks to the nurses & techs, PTs & doctors, the whole staff of BRRH who take such good care of your patients and families."  - Bruce & Charlotte Hill (Fall 2015)

"Well what can we say . . . Our stay at B.R.R.H. has been a journey which was difficult and "un-rule-ly" in the beginning until Billy came to terms with the Guillain-Barre Syndrome!  We couldn't have dreamed of a greater staff of professionals to care for him until he struggled and worked hard to recover over the last two months.  Thank you for your words of encouragement, prompt assistance, informative responses, and friendly faces with the ability to laugh with us as he improved.  We will miss all of you but are glad to be going home!!  God Bless Each of You!" - The Duponts (May-June 2015) 

"This is just a note of appreciation for all of you on the second floor.  On behalf of June Angelloz, her brother John and I would like to thank all of you for the loving care you gave her.  Every time we went to visit her we were met with smiling faces and friendliness.  The Baton Rouge Rehab Hospital is one we would and will recommend highly.  The progress she made at her age, was due to an excellent rehab program.   Again thanks for everyone and continue the great work you are all doing."  - C. Angelloz (3/7/15) 

"I really enjoyed my stay here.  The doctors were great.  The cooks were great.  I was treated so good and looked after so well.  I felt like a king.  I also like that you all are interested in knowing how was my stay.  I can't speak for everyone, but I think that this is a great rehab hospital."   - W. Johnson (10/2/14) 

"As I sit here with tears rolling down my face, it is hard to express the feelings I as a daughter have.  Y'all have given mom the best (care) from Pedro having her walk to Angela making her talk and everyone in between.  You're all part of our family now.  We will never forget you and we love you all."  -  Ronnie Sue (8/13/14) 

"I can’t name any particular staff member because all staff I came in contact with was extremely nice, courteous, and helpful.  I came in anxious and afraid and I leave today with new confidence and ready to meet any challenge ahead of me.  Thank you for allowing me to come to your facility and I would recommend this place to all my family and friends."  -  Julie Amps (7/11/14)


Cajun Classic Wheelchair Tournament - 3/20/2014

Click the link below to view the 3/20/14 news article and video featured on WBRZ Channel 2 about the Cajun Classic Wheelchair Tournament. The video features Shane Theriot, who is part of the SCI Support Group & Mentorship Program at BRRH. BRRH is one of the Gold Sponsors for the Tournament. Marilu Major, BRRH PT, is co- chairman of the Cajun Classic & served on the all volunteer board for 25 years.

Watch the video

2014 Cajun Classic Wheelchair Tennis Tournament - 3/21/2014

The Greater Baton Rouge Community Tennis Association (GBRCTA) presents the 25th Annual Cajun Classic Wheelchair Tennis Tournament March 19 - March 23, 2014 at the Paula G. Manship YMCA. This event is hosted by Baton Rouge Wheelchair Tennis Association (BRWTA.

This is a USTA sanctioned International Tennis Federation Level 1 tournament that awards $28,000 in prize money. It attracts over 120 professional and amateur wheelchair tennis players from all over the US and the world and is a three-time winner of the Tennis Tournament of the Year award! BRWTA also hosts tennis clinics, supporting local wheelchair tennis for all ages. 

BRRH is a proud sponsor of this event. For information on how to become a sponsor, contact Jennifer Edmonson at or call (225) 939-4086. For information on how to become a volunteer, contact Emily Green at or call (225) 939-6876.

WBRZ 2 Make a Difference Story - How ZeroG Changed Amputee Patient's Life - 3/17/2014

WBRZ 2 Make a Difference News Article: How ZeroG Changed Amputee Patient's Life - 3/6/2014

BATON ROUGE - An anti-gravity machine revolutionizes rehab for amputee's at Baton Rouge Rehab Hospital. Jeremiah Foster was born with underdeveloped arms and legs. As he grew, his legs had trouble supporting him. Then he found out he had arthritis in his legs.

At age 13, Jeremiah decided to have his legs amputated so he could walk again. He struggled with rehab for years.

Now at 18, Jeremiah can walk with confidence, on his new legs. He says it happened after getting to use the Zero G machine. It's the only one in Louisiana, and one of 35 in the country.

"I've only been three feet tall my whole life so this since September is really a jump for me so not only that the height but also I don't have any arms to catch me if I fall so there's nothing really to protect me or anything like that I just hit the ground so with the harness that really helps out a lot," said Foster.

Foster says the machine takes away the fear, allowing him to strengthen his legs, and learn to walk. "I don't have to worry about it anymore. I can go places, if someone wants me to go with them grocery shopping, or shopping for clothes, or anything, I can wear jeans now, I couldn't before," Foster explained.

Watch the video

Ms. Wheelchair Louisiana 2014 Crowned - 2/9/14

A combination of tears and smiles spread across the faces of contestants and audience members at Baton Rouge's first Ms. Wheelchair Louisiana pageant on Sunday afternoon at the Baton Rouge Rehabilitation Hospital, which ended with the coronation of Leah Hoffpauir, a 29-year-old college student.


  • Maria Yiannopoulos, Master of Ceremony
  • Jeanne Burns, 33 News Anchor
  • Jean Hansen, MS, ATP, Louisiana Rehabilitation Services
  • Katherine Klimitas, Artist, Author, Designer
  • Scott Simon, Louisiana State Representative
  • Dawn Swanson, DPT, Manager of Acute Care Therapy at Our Lady of the Lake


Back Row: Roxane Bingham, BRRH Marketing Liaison, and Toni Hamilton, BRRH Rehab Counselor
Front Row from Left: Betty Toepfer, Honorary Sr. Contestant; Leah Hoffpauir, newly crowned Ms. Wheelchair Louisiana 2014; and Ms. Anita Gray, reigning Ms. Wheelchair Louisiana 2013

Special Recognition of Daisy Troop 10846 (Ascension Parish). Also to the Boy Scouts Troop 769 (Prairieville) - not pictured.

Click here to view full article and watch the video.

WBRZ 2 Your Health News Story on Former Patient, Russell Comeaux - 9/25/13

 "Surviving the West Nile Virus"

BATON ROUGE - One year after getting the West Nile virus, a local man is back on his feet. Russell Comeaux was diagnosed with the virus Oct. 26 of last year. He said what started out as a high fever ended up being a brush with death.

"I started to have respiratory failure, had the... feeding tubes, the whole nine yards, called in the family, priest, it was pretty bad," Comeaux explained. "I think a lot of people don't realize what the invasive kind of West Nile can do, I know I didn't."
Comeaux spent two months in bed and lost 60 pounds. He couldn't lift more than two pounds by the time he made it to the Baton Rouge Rehab Hospital. A team of therapists worked with Comeaux, first teaching him to sit up, crawl, then walk on his own. They said his recovery process was similar to working with a newborn child. He had so much muscle loss that he had to start from the very beginning, re-learning how to use every muscle in his body.

"It was a helpless feeling," Comeaux said. "You don't know what you can do, but they know what you can do and how far they can push you, you've got to have somebody pushing you."

Now Comeaux walks with the assistance of a cane. He continues to come in for therapy, driving himself, in order to work on balance and strength. He says he looks at life a little different now, appreciating every moment more than before his close call. He says this is his second chance to live, and he knows he is here for a reason.

"You don't know what you were saved for, but until you find out, you try to be a better person," he said.

Watch the video

WBRZ 2 Your Health News Story regarding former patient Wess Anderson - 9/17/13

Paralyzed Saxophone Player Gets His Sound Back

BATON ROUGE - Saxophonist Wessel "Warmdaddy" Anderson is able to play again, after recovering from a stroke that left the right side of his body paralyzed.

"The worst thing is probably, actually, getting into a hospital and understanding that you cannot move," he explained. "I didn't believe I'd be walking, I thought alright this is it."

Anderson spent more than 30 years as a professional sax player before the stroke last November. He spent 20 years playing with musical great Wynton Marsalis and is still the first string alto saxist with Marsalis' Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra.

"Regardless of if somebody says you might not ever play ever again, in my mind I said, oh no, I spent 30 years trying to develop this, I'm going to do something," Anderson said.

After the stroke he spent ten weeks at the Baton Rouge Rehab Hospital with a team of therapists working with him each day. He re-learned how to function on his own, to speak and to walk. At first he couldn't sit up on his own, or produce even a single note on his saxophone.

Anderson's therapists all agreed that his passion to get back to playing was key in his speedy recovery.

"Playing the saxophone was something that was really huge for him," said said speech language pathologist Angela Wascom, "and we really worked on getting the lips tight so that he could blow into the mouth piece, and just having that, knowing that he wanted to play again really increased his drive."

Therapists used three types of electrical stimulation to help Anderson's muscles gain strength, including a therapy method used on actor Christopher Reeve to help force their legs to pedal a stationary bike and stimulation to retrain throat muscles.

"It just made the muscles contract to strengthen them in addition to exercises," explained Wascom.

Less than a year later, Anderson regained about 90 percent of the use of his right side. He says he's still numb from his head to his toes on his right side, but at least he's got his sound back.

He's performing at the Manship theatre Thursday at 7:30pm with "an Evening of Jazz with George Bell and Friends". For more information on the show call (225) 344-0334 or visit

See full article and watch the video.

Former BRRH Patient, Mike Nault, featured on WBRZ 2 Make a Difference

View this inspiring video of Mike Nault, amputee. Also interviewed are Jay Tew, Hangar Prosthetics, who assisted Mike with his prosethic leg, and Mike's martial arts instructor, Adam Sibley. The video also includes footage of BRRH Physical Therapy Assistant, Theresa Cambre, instructing Mike on the Zero G.

I was so scared when I got here because I could not stand up or walk. But now I am able to exercise and can walk again!

Pedro, my physical therapist was just wonderful. He let me do what I thought I could do and then encouraged me to do a little more. It gave me the willpower to do better. i did not think I would accomplish all that I did while at BRRH and I would recommend it to everyone!

- Clifton H., Baton Rouge, LA

Hey Roxane,

I really enjoyed the stroke support group meeting today. I was starting to get a little down, but listening to everyone else really gave me hope. My doctor had told me that after 6 months, my recovery would be as good as it was going to get. After listening to all the other stroke survivors, I realized that I still have hope that I might have a chance to recover fully. Look forward to the next meeting. Thanks again.

- Debbie K, Baton Rouge, LA

P.S. Also I do love all of the staff! All of you are wonderful.

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